Every day someone is struggling with some form of alcohol or drug abuse, it is my goal to educate communities as well as individuals about drugs and alcohol. I’m a highly trained professional specialist in alcohol or other drug addictions.

I am international certified advance alcohol and drug counselor (ICAADC).  I am a qualified provider by the state of Georgia to offer education, supervision, counseling, and training to clinicians.  I received my master of arts in psychology in MFT and a bachelor of science in business law and economics in training, CEU, and supervisor provider for ADACBGA.

I teach CADC classes to people that would like to become certified addiction counselors and also provides the required education, supervision, and test preparation necessary to take consumers’ careers to the next level of credentialing/ certification to become certified alcohol and drug counselor I/II.

I also offer seminars and workshops for groups, employer staff, schools, and communities as an ongoing commitment to prevention and wellness, on substance abuse prevention services. I provide helpful information about empowering individuals, the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and other drugs also providing educational resources, with the guidance and training necessary to implement comprehensive, effective approaches to substance abuse prevention. If you would love for me to teach a course or do a seminar, please feel free to contact me.