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Substance Abuse Counseling Certification in Georgia

As a counselor, you have different levels of certification that are offered through the Alcohol Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia which is a non-governmental body. The three primary levels of certification are called Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor I (CADC-I), Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor II (CADC-II), and the Certified Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (CAADC). (1)

The CADC-Trainee (CADC-T) is a transitional certificate program that grants no independent scope of practice but indicates that an individual is under appropriate clinical supervision and is actively working toward their CADC-I, CADC-II, or CAADC. The CADC-T does not allow an individual to practice as an alcohol & drug abuse counselor outside a licensed or state-sponsored agency or without being under clinical supervision by a CCS or other Approved Clinical Supervisor. Under Georgia law (GA Code § 43-10A-7-15.1), individuals working toward certification must be, “employed by an agency or facility that is licensed to provide addiction counseling,” be under appropriate supervision, and must become fully certified within three (3) years of beginning to work as a counselor trainee. (2)


The various requirements/components of obtaining a CADC-I, CADC-II, or CAADC credential are detailed in
the application packet, which may be found here:





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